Did Rockstar make the right call to resurrect the Max Payne series?

Rockstar are re-known for the 3rd person shooting games, which often incorporate some kind of outlaw or rule breaker which has a whole in-depth back story of motive and mistreatment to the character which the player must right, usually in the most adrenaline filled and violent way possible. We have seen this with the long successful Grand Theft Auto series, the newly successful Red Dead Series and one off hits such as The Warriors and Bully, which all have a similar style of story line and playing style, as mentioned above.

Rockstar Games

So was it right for Rockstar to develop Max Payne 3, nine years after the Max Payne sequel hit the shelf in 2003?

Firstly it is a game which suits there style of development, obviously Rockstar games are varied but there more well known and successful releases are that of violent story lines, a need to avenge a troubled past and usually a character that has access to a variety of weapons. So in this sense, Max Payne is a perfect fit, with conspiracy, murder and an ex NYPD this game ticks most of the Rockstar boxes.

But, with a film already being released, surly there must have been a nervous judgement call?

The Max Payne film, which stars Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Ludacris and Beau Bridges sported quite a strong cast, however, critics had a field day with it and with a 5.4 rating on IMDB and 16% on Rotten Tomato it can hardly be classed as a must see. But they did make a good turn over on the film, so financially they did make a profit, just not as much as one as they had likely hoped for.

With such a negative buzz around the words Max Payne, you can see my surprise when Rockstar continued with their development of the game, but true fans of the game noted they tried to avoid comparison between game and film just as Rockstar tried to avoid comparison by mixing up the games storyline and the moving the location to Brazil. They pushed heavily with marketing both outdoors and even paying for an expensive TV spot during the 2012 Champions League Final, they had believe in their game and knew true Max Payne fans would not be deterred by the films as long as they could stick to the original style of the game.

The game managed to sell 3 million copies in its first week; it was met with huge critical acclaim getting almost 90% or 9/10 by most gaming critics and it was this successful that lead to them winning Best Animation at the Inside Gaming Awards and being nominate for 14 other awards across the year. Reports now show the Rockstar has sold well over 4 million copies of the game, which would deem this a pretty successful resurrection.

Personal Trainer Courses Take Inspiration From Max Payne

Curriculum directors at UK organizations that provide personal training courses to fitness professionals have begun to incorporate into their course curricular exercises performed by Max Payne in cut-scenes from the video games.

The Max Payne games, particularly the most recent one, feature scenes of the title character performing various physical exercises to prepare himself and condition his body for combat.

The exercises include routine things like push ups and sit ups, and also other, more glamorous stuff such as one-arm pull ups or striking drills with the hands and elbows.

Brendan Yellowstone, curriculum director at Discovery Fitness┬ápersonal trainer courses provider in London, said: “Max Payne is the type of fictional character like Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher that people associate with being tough. Teaching students how to do the exercises performed by Payne in the video games add enjoyment to our courses.

Us and some of our competitors got the idea from reading stories of how adolescents have developed an increased interest in fitness and exercise after playing the Max Payne games and seeing the exercise scenes.”

The company have also incorporated the Payne exercise routines into their Discovery gym instructor courses and MMA teacher training. Other training providers have gone a step further by also offering their students free Max Payne clothing and accessories such as t-shirts, vests and toy guns.

Discovery graduate John Fox of SanyuFitness.com Wimbledon personal training provider, said: “I had a great time learning how to do a Max Payne workout on my Discovery course.”