Personal Trainer Courses Take Inspiration From Max Payne

Curriculum directors at UK organizations that provide personal training courses to fitness professionals have begun to incorporate into their course curricular exercises performed by Max Payne in cut-scenes from the video games.

The Max Payne games, particularly the most recent one, feature scenes of the title character performing various physical exercises to prepare himself and condition his body for combat.

The exercises include routine things like push ups and sit ups, and also other, more glamorous stuff such as one-arm pull ups or striking drills with the hands and elbows.

Brendan Yellowstone, curriculum director at Discovery Fitness┬ápersonal trainer courses provider in London, said: “Max Payne is the type of fictional character like Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher that people associate with being tough. Teaching students how to do the exercises performed by Payne in the video games add enjoyment to our courses.

Us and some of our competitors got the idea from reading stories of how adolescents have developed an increased interest in fitness and exercise after playing the Max Payne games and seeing the exercise scenes.”

The company have also incorporated the Payne exercise routines into their Discovery gym instructor courses and MMA teacher training. Other training providers have gone a step further by also offering their students free Max Payne clothing and accessories such as t-shirts, vests and toy guns.

Discovery graduate John Fox of Wimbledon personal training provider, said: “I had a great time learning how to do a Max Payne workout on my Discovery course.”